Growing up in the 90’s.


It was an anything goes era. Everyone had their own different style. My friends and I would change it up all the time. One day we looked like we just walked off the My-So Called Life television show, and the next day we were groupies of Nirvana, TLC, The Skeletones, or Hole.  If you grew up in the 90’s, more than likely you have a “tramp stamp” or a tribal band. I am one of those who fell for that trend. I graduated highschool in 1997 and that year I started wearing golf pants. There were just really no rules on fashion in the 90’s. The 90’s generation is a group of creative individuals. We did not have cell phones, or computers, we had pagers. We had to be creative to find things to do. Most people were either into art, music, or sports, like skateboarding and bmx.

Are you glad you grew up in the 90’s? What do you remember from all the styles in the 90’s? I would love to get my hands on a fresh jive shirt! I will have to see if they still sale them.



One way to hope…


for tomorrow

     Rejoice in the pain and suffering of this
world that you encounter. It is that which makes you stronger. We always here
those words, but do we really believe them? Romans 5: 3-5 states that we
should“…rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces
perseverance…” suffering is the feeling of pain, misery or experience of loss
and yet another definition for suffering is the state or the instance of
enduring pain. How do we rejoice in the times we feel such pain? Rejoice means
to feel joy and be delighted. How is it humanly possible to go through the
suffering in this life and to rejoice in it? Well we can hang onto God’s
promise that by us rejoicing in our suffering it will in turn produce
perseverance. Perseverance is something we should all wish to add more of to
our lives. Perseverance theologically means to continue in a state of grace
until the end, leading to eternal salvation. In regular terms it means to
endure through hardships and stay on track towards your calling and purpose despite
your circumstances. We want to rejoice in our suffering because we will produce
perseverance in our lives which in turn, as it is written will build our
character. Our character is what defines the nature of us, it is who we are,
and it is how we got to where we are this very moment. In the building of our
character, through this process of rejoicing in our suffering, it is said
through our perseverance and character building we will receive hope and hope
does not disappoint us. Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or
that events will turn out for the best. So if you choose to not rejoice in your
suffering, you will not experience perseverance, without perseverance, you will
not build up your character, without building up your character and sitting
stagnant in your circumstances you will not experience hope. You must move
forward in confidence knowing that although man will let us down a thousand
plus times, God never will. It is like climbing a ladder. We all, and when I
say all, I mean ALL people experience suffering in their lives. You cannot say
that one person’s suffering is not as bad as yours; you are not living in their
body, mind or soul. You must climb up each rung in the ladder to reach the
final destination of hope in your life. You start at suffering, move up one
rung to perseverance, move up another on character, and then one more to hope!
Do you see the pattern here? You cannot experience hope unless you experience
suffering. You cannot build your character unless you experience perseverance,
you cannot persevere unless you are experiencing less than ideal circumstances.
That is how you can rejoice in your suffering. Looking at it that way makes me
want to pray for more suffering so that I can rise up to who I am called to be.
If you study any of the great lives in history you will see that they endured
their share of suffering. Without their suffering they would not have become
what they were known for. I mean you can just choose to sit and stay stagnant
in your circumstances but you will be missing out on all that God has in store
for your life. His plans are much bigger than ours and they are plans for us to
prosper. Hope is God pouring His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. If
you don’t experience suffering you will not experience hope. Today is your day
to shine!

Journey thats unending…


August 6, 2011

Journey that’s


     It is you who
speaks to me and through me. It is you who I can lean on in times of despair,
only you. How little am I in this world compared to your greatness? I have
asked for things out of selfishness and you still continue to give me what I
need although my prayers are sought out for myself. I have known pain in my
life that I can no longer hold on to. I must keep moving forward, but I can
only do that with you. I ask for wisdom and you give me just enough. I pray for
health for my family and friends and you show me that you are all powerful
through the blood that you shed. I cannot live my life without you. I have seen
how you speak to me and show me how much you care for me. How can I live like
you do not exist when clearly you have been with me every step of the way,
mostly when I deserved your love the least. I asked for strength in my life and
you give me weakness so that I can rely on your strength and learn to trust you
more. I ask for peace of mind, and you give me no easy answer, it is a quest
and a journey that I must continue on, maybe forever, who knows. How do I know
Lord of mine when I am following your ways? How can I be sure? Is it because
you have brought me to this place in my life where I need to trust only you. Of
course! Your word remains true as our lives float on by like a boat with sails
through the storms of life. I will trust you my maker, my God! You know the
plans you have for me, they are plans for good not for evil. I see the fields
and the trees in the beautiful scenery near my home and know that the same
hands that created that scene of beauty also created me. How could that be?
Made by the same hands we are so different in nature. You give me hope every
day to start new. It doesn’t matter that people have let me down, it doesn’t
matter that I am a perfectionist, it doesn’t matter that I am my own worst
critic. What does matter though is that you are here, on time, every single
morning for me. Sorry for the days I don’t show up and keep you waiting. The
journey is unending and I thank you for you faithfulness and grace today,
tomorrow and always.

When it feels like the world hates you.


When it feels like the
world hates you

May 12, 2011

If the world hates you, remember
that it hated me first. John 15:18 (NLT)


     I tend to be a people pleaser at times and
this in no way helps or is a benefit to my life or the lives of others. So why
do I continue to do it? I think because I am afraid people will hate me, I
don’t want confrontation, and I want to be a nice person. What good is my
niceness though if it is false? It is no good to anyone and it is actually a
lie. Christ warned us that people would hate us, and people hated Him too. He
wasn’t always nice, and I definitely don’t think Jesus was a people pleaser. Jesus
told the truth and followed God’s will for His life, even if that meant not
making someone happy. Jesus did all of this in love.

     I remember a time in my life where I was
being nice for the sake of being nice. A friend had asked me for a favor, which
in most cases I feel called to help my friends, but in this case I did not. I
didn’t want to tell her no though, so instead I put on a fake smile and said of
course I will help you out. Well, in helping this friend out, my priorities got
pushed to the wayside. The rest of my day was completely out of line, I didn’t
have energy for my husband or children when they came home, and I couldn’t get
the things done that I knew were in line with God’s will for my life. In this
particular case I was not obedient to God. I knowingly lied to my friend and
disobeyed God and I suffered the consequences that followed, all in the name of
niceness. Don’t be that girl, trust me, I know first-hand.

     We need to be honest, and put God first,
not niceness. What ends up happening when we say yes to things that are not in
line with God’s will is we become bitter and resentful towards that person. If
we would have said no and been honest in the beginning we could have saved
ourselves from those feelings bottling up inside of us. So today, give yourself
permission to say no to people, and things that are not in line with God’s will
for your life. If people hate you for it, remember they hated Jesus first.